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How often do I take the sea moss?

Because it provides the body with a burst of vitamins and minerals, it is recommended to take one to two tablespoons with breakfast (upon rising) daily. It provides natural energy due to the sea moss having 92 vitamins and minerals.

How long does the sea moss last?

If it is properly refrigerated and kept cool, it can last from 3 weeks up to a month.

In what ways can it be ingested?

It can be put inside of a smoothie, put in coffee or tea, infused in food dishes, or just eaten off of a spoon.

Is it safe for children to take sea moss?

It is safe for Children to take orally and topically. It is suggested children under the age of twelve ingest half of the recommended dosage of adults (one to two tablespoons daily for adults). There is no limit to the frequency or amount for children to use topically.

How do I store the sea moss to maximize its shelf life?

It is a perishable food and should be refrigerated to keep it cool to maintain its freshness in smell and taste. If it is received through the shipping process, refrigerate it immediately upon receipt.

Can you apply it to the skin?

This superfood is amazing for the skin. Not only does is make it smooth and revitalize the elasticity of the skin, and it also helps with joint pain (ex. arthritis) as an alternative to taking oral medicines. It is effective in eliminating Psoriasis, Eczema, and Dermatitis. Apply as needed until desired results are achieved.

Is it normal to cough up mucous more than normal when ingesting it?

Absolutely. It is known for its ability to bust up and eradicate excess mucous out of the body. Coughing up mucous is one way to know for certain the sea moss is boosting the immune system the way it is designed to.

Is it good for the digestive system?

Aiding healing to the digestive system is one of its largest benefits. It helps make the body resistant to viral, bacterial, and fungi infections. It typically does not cause diarrhea, though it is recommended to those just starting to take it, to start out with one tablespoon daily until one knows how the body responds to the moss.

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