"God provides us everything we need to heal itself from the inside out"




  • Makes body resistant to viral, bacterial, and fungi infections

  • Relieves Asthma

  • Lowers Blood Pressure

  • Promotes Beautiful Skin (Increases Skin Elasticity)

  • Boosts Testosterone

  • Promotes Weight Loss (Helps Regulate Appetite)

My Story


In April of 2015 my life changed due to being diagnosed with breast cancer. I made the decision to use this dis-eased diagnoses of the body to implement a lifestyle change starting from the inside out. While I was going through the customary treatments of eradicating cancer from the body (chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, pharmaceutical medications), I fervently started to research (unlearn and relearn) how to eat to LIVE and not live to EAT.  Cancer has afflicted my family at least 3 generations deep, and until me, there had been no survivors. Upon my thirst for knowledge on how to heal my body from such a ravenous dis-ease, I was amazed at the health benefits upon the discovery of this Super Food. I needed it to make a believer out of me,  and it did just that! Now it is a part of my life's mission to help make others aware that God provides us with EVERYTHING our bodies need to heal itself from the inside out, and this is DEFINITELY one of MANY of those provisions!


I started to implement the Sea Moss into my diet daily. I have lost over 50 pounds (by making a lifestyle change; not through dieting). My body doesn't crave the processed foods I struggled with for so long once I started to incorporate Organic Sea Moss daily. There have been many adverse effects as a result of  my cancer treatment,  joint pain being one of those effects that can and has limited my mobility. Using this topically helps manage that otherwise debilitating pain and is non addictive in comparison to the many medications that have a high risk of potential addiction. I live an active lifestyle and have many responsibilities as many of you reading this, and let me say, regular naps are no longer needed with the Organic Sea Moss. 


My skin has over the years lost some of its elasticity.  When I looked in the mirror, I started to see the aging process take its hold; until I started to use it as a mask. There was a NOTICEABLE change within WEEKS in the elasticity and clarity in my skin.  I could go on and on as it pertains to how Organic Sea Moss has blessed me in more ways than I am able to explain on a website. I encourage you to try it for yourself! When I tell you there isn't an ailment that afflicts the body this does not reverse or eradicate. For ME and MY household, Organic Sea Moss is as important and essential as drinking water. Don't just take my word for it, order some today! It will work if you work it!

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